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Appropriation Bill 2016

Thursday, 29 September 2016

I rise to speak to the Appropriation Bill for 2016. I will attempt, through my contribution, to address the many falsehoods the Labor government is peddling to South Australians in this budget. The Treasurer believes the budget position is sound and that the state is saved because he delivered a surplus—but it is not a true surplus. We know, on this side of the chamber, that the only reason the budget is in the black is because the Treasurer flogged off the Motor Accident Commission, one of the only cash cows of the government. This improved the bottom line by $403.5 million. This was ...Click here for full story

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Motion to establish a Select Committee on Greyhound Racing

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

I rise today to speak against the motion moved by the Hon. Ms Franks to establish a select committee to investigate the greyhound racing industry in our state. Sport and recreation are central to the lives of many South Australians and participating in them is an expression of the freedoms which we treasure. Many depend on them for their income, whilst others marvel in awe at the physical feats of its participants whilst in the company of friends and family. Behind the scenes, many volunteers and workers operate tirelessly for their communities through various sporting organisations to ensur...Click here for full story

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Matter of Interest - Online Betting Tax

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I rise today to speak about the government's proposed wagering 'place of consumption' tax. On an empirical level, it is very disappointing to see that the government's solution to everything seems to be further taxation. Another tax is not what this state needs. In fact, a more efficient taxation system would improve the economic system here dramatically, but I diverge. This unimaginative Labor government has decided that it will cure its budget disease with more revenue, rather than doing the hard yards to reduce the entire public sector to a sustainable and necessary size. The newest idea to...Click here for full story

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Terry Stephens MLCHaving grown up in Whyalla and now residing in the coastal town of Victor Harbor, South Australia has always been my home. It is a beautiful state and, as a Liberal Member of the Legislative Council, I am proud to represent the interests of South Australians.

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