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Police (Return to Work) Amendment Bill

Wednesday 18 November, 2015

I rise to make sure that my position on this particular bill is recorded, and I congratulate the Hon. Robert Brokenshire for bringing it forward and thank the Hon. Rob Lucas for outlining the Liberal Party's position quite strongly. I am very proud of our position with regard to our police because, like the Liberal Party, I believe that our police, in the difficult task that they undertake, are absolutely unique. As Mark Carroll said, they are the first line and the last line and everything in between, and our society would not function without the fabulous police force that we have.

I note the Hon. Tung Ngo's speech. Obviously it was a very difficult speech for him to give, and I know that he has danced around the issue, but the reality is that our police are unique and they absolutely deserve our support. As far as the other particular issues he talked about go, I believe they are matters for another day. I suspect the government will not support this bill, and I also suspect that it will not call 'divide', which is why I want to be on the record to make sure that the many lifelong friends I have in the police force know that I, and the Liberal Party, are absolutely in lockstep with the Hon. Robert Brokenshire in supporting the bill. I wish it a speedy passage.

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