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Criminal Law (Extended Supervision Orders) Bill - Committee Stage

Thursday 18 June, 2015

In the summary of this particular bill we have had an explanation of amendments that the government has tabled and I rise to indicate the opposition's support of these amendments. These amendments are the result of discussions between the opposition, the Parole Board and the government. I am glad that the government has listened to our concerns around the original legislation as there were several deficiencies present. There is no need for me to further explain the effect of these amendments. I trust that honourable members of the crossbench have been given ample time to consider these amendments by the government, and I would encourage them to support these changes. I will not be proceeding with my amendments because of the negotiations we have had with the government. It highlights to me again the very valuable role that the Legislative Council plays as this bill went straight through the lower house even though we had concerns in the other place. Of course, we have had time together to work to improve the bill, so the opposition is now pleased to support it. I would like to thank the member for Morialta, who is ultimately responsible in the other place for this bill, for his good work and look forward to the passage of the bill.

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