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Weatherill abandons racing and gambling industries

Wednesday 26 October, 2011

Premier Weatherill has demonstrated he does not value South Australia’s racing and gambling industries by dropping both portfolios from Labor’s Cabinet.

“Mr Weatherill has failed to appoint racing and gambling ministers,” Shadow Minister for Gambling and Racing Terry Stephens said.
“Instead, Mr Weatherill has stated that gambling will be scattered amongst several different portfolios.

“So instead of one bad Labor Minister, there could now be many.

“The Liberal Opposition is disappointed that Mr Weatherill has taken his focus off the racing industry.

“Racing is a big employer in this state and a key part of South Australian tourism – it needs the support of Government.

“I am concerned that the interests of both industries are not being looked after.

“The Liberal Opposition remains committed to assisting those involved in racing and gambling sectors, as we would in Government.”

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