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Labor’s privatisation trifecta

Thursday 16 June, 2011

Labor has now privatised three Government assets in the first six months of this year, despite its hollow 2002 promise of “no more privatisations”.

“Labor has announced the privatisation of SA’s forestry assets, the privatisation of the SA Lotteries Commission, and now the privatisation of the SA Visitor and Travel Centre,” Shadow Tourism Minister Terry Stephens said.

“Labor has completed its privatisation trifecta despite its hollow 2002 promise of “no more privatisations”.

“The privatisation of these three assets is yet another Labor broken promise.

“Mr Rann promised there would be no more privatisations under Labor.

“South Australians have been deceived by Labor – how can they possibly be trusted?

“Mr Rann in 2002 circulated a Pledge Card and urged South Australians to “keep this card as a check that I keep my pledges.”

“A number of South Australians have kept Mr Rann’s Pledge Card, but they’re now wondering why he hasn’t kept his promise.”

“It’s time for Treasurer Jack Snelling and Labor to explain publicly why the Labor Government misled the public and broke its privatisation promise,” Mr Stephens said.

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