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SA: a prisoner’s paradise under Labor

Friday 8 April, 2011

It’s official: South Australia is the nation’s capital for the rate and number of prisoner escapes.

The latest available Productivity Commission data reveals that South Australia leads the nation in prisoner escapes with three instances between July 2009 and July 2010. During this period there were five escapes across the country.

“Violent offender Drew Claude Griffiths’ two recent escapes increase that number to five since July 2009 – a damning indictment on Minister Koutsantonis and Labor,” Shadow Correctional Services Minister Terry Stephens said today.

“Under Labor, South Australian families cannot feel safe at home or on the streets with violent offenders escaping on what seems a regular basis now.

“Premier Mike Rann tried to weigh in on the story this morning, but unfortunately made the matter much worse for both Mr Koutsantonis and Labor.”

Mr Rann told radio station FiveAA today:

“Do we have many escapes compared to other places? No.”

“I’ve got some breaking news for Mr Rann – South Australia actually leads the nation in prisoner escapes,” Mr Stephens said.

“In fact, South Australia is fast becoming a prisoner’s paradise under Labor.

“Not only are escapes increasing, but prisoners will be able to watch other inmates escape on their plasma TVs.

“Mr Koutsantonis is struggling to accept the buck stops with him as Minister.

“I applaud the brave actions of correctional services staff yesterday, but unfortunately for them they’re being starved of resources and support.

“Mr Koutsantonis must surely be asking if this is the portfolio for him, as he lurches from one crisis to another.

“He stuffed up in his role as Road Safety Minister and he’s stuffing up as Correctional Services Minister.

“Not even Mr Rann can get his facts straight on this serious issue.”

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