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Koutsantonis must face the music

Friday 8 April, 2011

Tom Koutsantonis must face the music as notorious criminal Drew Claude Griffiths has made yet another attempted escape – this time while receiving treatment at the RAH.

Last month, Griffiths escaped custody, stole a car and evaded police for days before being captured in a dramatic siege.

“How a criminal who has made multiple escape attempts is allowed to make yet another attempt is beyond me,” Shadow Minister for Correctional Services Terry Stephens said today.

“Labor is yet to explain how it is possible that a violent criminal was able to escape custody while handcuffed the last time Griffiths escaped.

“Mr Koutsantonis blamed private contractor G4S last time and we look forward to seeing who he blames this time.

“It is also unsurprising that Mr Koutsantonis has again rolled out the punching bags at his Department to deal with this embarrassing incident.

“Mr Koutsantonis must finally accept that the buck stops with him as Minister,” Mr Stephens said.

“Labor must launch another formal investigation into this matter and Mr Koutsantonis must urgently report back to Parliament.

“Again, if it wasn’t so serious, this whole affair could easily be a skit out of the Benny Hill Show.

“Mr Koutsantonis must surely be asking if this is the portfolio for him, as he lurches from one crisis to another.

“He stuffed up in his role as Road Safety Minister and he’s stuffing up as Correctional Services Minister.”

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