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Minister FINALLY has his say on escapee

Monday 28 March, 2011

Correctional Services Minister Tom Koutsantonis has finally had his say on escaped parolee Drew Claude Griffiths but has embarrassed himself in the process.

On Tuesday evening, the handcuffed parolee escaped custody and stole a car which was later dumped in Salisbury East and he remains at large.

This incident occurred whilst private contractor G4S was transporting the prisoner for the Labor Government.

“Mr Koutsantonis told Parliament today the blame lies squarely with G4S, predictably passing the buck,” Shadow Minister for Correctional Services Terry Stephens said.

“Mr Koutsantonis then lamely went on to blame the former Liberal Government for first using G4S for prisoner movement services in the late 90s.

“However, Mr Koutsantonis conveniently forgets that during 2009, former Attorney General Michael Atkinson happily signed G4S up until 2020 for a whopping $90 million!

“Mr Koutsantonis just stumbles from one embarrassing incident to another.

“The Benny Hill Show featuring Tom Koutsantonis continues…”

Read all about the latest G4S contract here:

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